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Super power saver with speed Booster

Purify apk is a very small tool that optimize the overall performance of the android devices and increases the device speed. It can put the background apps that are not in use to hibernation mode, so then it extends the battery life and saves battery usage. And also it manages the notifications in the notification bar. It display bulk notifications in one place, so then it is very easy to work with notifications.

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Features of Purify Apk

Battery saver

How Purify differ from the other boosting tools like CClearner and Green Booster?

CCleaner only removes junk files and Cache to clear up the storage, but purify can manage all the background apps. And with the hibernation features of purify it can boost very effectively than any other boosters. Other boosters may speed up for a short but in Purify it very effective performance improvement.

What's new in Latest Purify APK ?

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Credits for Developing King User

Purify Apk was developed by the Kingroot team. We do not hold any copyrights regarding purify.